One Piece Episode #715 Anime Review

One Piece Episode #715 Anime Review A tragic past revealed.

What They Say:
Señor Pink and Franky continue their knock-down, drag-out, manly fight. As both of them are pushed to their limits, we learn Señor’s tragic past! Meanwhile, Princess Mansherry’s rescue hits a snag as she stubbornly refuses to leave!

The Review:
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The focus on Princess Mansherry last time around might have felt like just another diversion at first, but as we got to see how she’s being used it certainly became a lot more important. With an ability that can essentially get all of Doflamingo’s men back up and on track – even after some serious takedowns along the way – is a frightening prospect in a realistic sense since it means every fight would have to happen again. The episode worked well to establish the greater threat represented there, her fear and unwillingness to help and a chance for the Tontatta’s to step up (once again) and show that they’re fully capable and highly invested in this overall fight. While we got some of other characters here briefly, their story shone well and it made it clear why the Straw Hats have to get involved here.

What becomes complicated here is that with Mansherry being rescued here, she’s intent on just going back to Greenbit even though there are other things that have to happen first. And that makes it complicated for her rescuers who have their own agenda as part of freeing the island in general. That sets up some movements early on before the show shifts elsewhere for the bulk of it with Franky and his fight with Senor Pink. I really don’t care for Pink simply because of his design, something that I’ve had with other characters in the past in how they become disinteresting. Franky, at least, is interesting and I like how the Tontatta’s are rallying to him since he’s being such a positive force towards their being freed. That’s obviously something that they can get behind easily, but it’s done with the right kind of words and intensity that you can understand why they’re investing in Franky so heavily.

While the fight has its moments, the show shifts to giving us background on Senor Pink. In tried and true fashion, giving us a deeper look at the opponents helps to enrichen the story overall – even with characters one might not like. Seeing a younger and slimmer – and debonair – Senor Pink isn’t a surprise since they want to go in such a different direction as we know him now. A romance, an engagement, a wedding, all things designed to humanize him in a quick but decent way. So it becomes twisted, cruel and kind of uncomfortable when we see the baby elements enter the picture with his wife and wonder what it is that drives him to his attire and mindset in the present. It takes a bad enough turn, combined with what Pink has been hiding from his wife all this time. You do feel for Pink to some degree of course and understand the turn he makes, even if it’s fairly extreme when you get down to it.

In Summary:
One Piece works pretty well here even if you can sense most of the story beats once the basics are laid out. The focus on Senor Pink certainly explains his costume and why he is like he is, though all it screams is that someone really needs to help the poor man through his pain. The backstory is well presented in brief and it connects in a strong enough way to make it work. It doesn’t make me like him any greater, but it’s at least an understanding. The bits at the beginning with Mansherry are the lighter and more fun aspect of the episode, though even that’s tinged with darkness because of the overall series of events going on. A solid episode overall that does some fleshing out without getting bogged down in an extensive storyline.

Grade: B

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