30 Day Movie Challenge Day 28: Your Favorite Soundtrack

30 Day Movie Challenge Day 28: Your Favorite Soundtrack When it comes to favorite soundtracks, there’s a whole lot you can rattle off for any number of reasons, particularly things that are catchy in their own way. I have a real affection for the Good Morning, Vietnam soundtrack as it mixed in some great stuff from the film from Robin Williams throughout it. I love a whole lot of Disney musical soundtracks from their animated films. And something like Moulin Rouge is utterly infectious with its blendings. And naturally, owing to my childhood, I have a deep love of the soundtracks for Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Jesus Christ Superstar.

But my favorite is a trilogy of works for the Three Colors films that were directed by Krzysztof Keisloski. Each film builds its own part of the French flag with its meanings and through the amazing work of Polish composer  Zbigniew Preisner, they come to life in very fascinating ways as a truly integral part of each individual film while also having their moments of blending and carrying over between them. His work in these films, including The Decalogue, were done in-film using the fictitious name of Van den Budenmayer, which adds a whole other level of mystery to it back in the early 1990′s when there was far, far less information available on the internet.

These works are beautiful in their small moments and in the swelling moments and evoke such emotion and connections to the film that I find myself wishing they were, at times, the soundtrack to my life.