Hunter X Hunter Episode #145 Anime Review

Hunter X Hunter Episode #145 Anime Review

Hunter X Hunter Episode 145

Pivotal changes, to say the least.

What They Say:
Gon, a young boy who lives on Whale Island, dreams of becoming a Hunter like his father, who left when Gon was still young.

The Review:
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The election material dominated the episode the last time around, which makes sense since that’s what this arc is about, and we had some really good things in seeing how Ging is manipulating things but also how Leorio came out with a really impassioned plea to get the Hunters involved in this exercise to really understand what’s at stake. Sometimes a more passionate plea will work over something more analytical, even for people who are in the Hunters Association, so seeing how Paristan realized that things aren’t quite the lock he thought they were was rather welcome to see. Forces aligning against him are no surprise but seeing growing reasons why based on his personality alone is definitely helpful.

With the eighth round of the elections underway, we do get some time with Killua and his group as he moves forward to get Alluka to Gon to try and help him. That has Illumi still trying to track him and deal with it, but there’s the simple truth that Killua has really mastered the way to work with Alluka and get what he wants. But Killua also knows that his end goal is a given and that finding him will be easy enough when you get down to it if you’re going to wait. With the time come to try and help Gon, we get a further exploration of what it is that Alluka is, the thing inside her that’s known as Something and how the two swap out in order to allow the powers and wishes to work. It’s obviously creepy and disturbing, but it paints the kind of rules that those with powers like these have to live by and the burdens they bear. Something that Killua will work with in order to save his one true friend. And when we see what Gon has become, it’s easy to understand why Killua will go as far as he is.

With the election, as that goes on, we see how Pariston has managed to gain power through some creative ways based on how events are folding out in the newest round and he’s intent on doing votes of confidence on the commandments of the hunters. He has his larger goals in mind here and is exacting what he can when he can for whatever this agenda is. Pariston is not one that you can get behind but you have to really savor the way he manipulates the situations in order to get what he wants. Where things become an anything goes moment though is when Gon and his supporters arrive within the chamber. Though we get an emotional Leorio, rightly so, the potential for so much to shift and change because of his being returned to normal really is intriguing. Watching how it all unfolds from there, especially when they realize that Leorio has no incentive to run anymore, puts a huge shift on things and potentially has a sizable impact on what Pariston is actually up to.

In Summary:
Hunter x Hunter has some interesting things going on here, but it also has that sense of being rushed in some ways. I like what we got from Killua as he finally got to see what Gon is like, but I felt like it could have been more to really reinforce it and to show what he was going through. I don’t mind not seeing how Alluka fixed things though. Similarly, the election cycle feels like it’s doing a lot of stuff but didn’t have the room to really play it out. Pariston’s shift in tactics here is no surprise but it still doesn’t feel like his real motivations are made clear and accessible in a way that makes you want to be invested in it. Of course, the ending here is the best moment because you want to see where that goes and to see the way Ging reacts to everything.

Grade: B+

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