Original ‘Terminator’ Getting New Theatrical Run

Original ‘Terminator’ Getting New Theatrical Run The original Terminator film is set to ride again with it getting a bit of a release across a thousand screens in 20 territories beginning in June with a staggered rollout. It looks like the US release is hitting on June 14th in select theaters and we’re seeing a June 23rd UK release for it as well. For those that never got to see it on the big screen, it’s definitely a good opportunity to see it at long last the way James Cameron meant it to be seen.

Check out the full screening dates and locations here .

Plot concept: In 2029, the war between man and machine has desolated the Earth, leaving humanity all but wiped out. Pockets of survivors remain – either living as slaves serving their technological overlords, or as resistance fighters attempting to overthrow the sentient defense network that controls the machines. From this wasteland, two soldiers are sent back in time to Los Angeles, 1984 in order to influence the outcome of a conflict that hasn’t taken place yet. One is an unstoppable cyborg assassin, the other a human guerrilla fighter. Serving on opposite sides of the battle, they share the same target: Sarah Connor, an unsuspecting young woman whose unborn child will become the key to saving mankind.