‘No Game No Life’ Anime Dub Cast Revealed

‘No Game No Life’ Anime Dub Cast Revealed Sentai Filmworks did a couple of reveals of the cast through video announcements previously, which you can see below, for their upcoming release of No Game No Life. They’ve now revealed the full main cast for the series:

Sora – Scott Gibbs
Shiro – Caitlynn French
Jibril – Amelia Fischer
Stephanie Dola – Sara Ornelas
Kurami Zell – Kara Greenberg
Fil – Christina Stroup
Ino – John Swasey
Izuna – Kira Vincent-Davis
Tet – Shannon Emerick

The regular editions of No Game No Life on DVD and Blu-ray and Collectors Edition are set for release on July 28th, 2051. They’re priced at $59.98 and $69.98 respectively while a collectors edition is priced at $129.98. The cover reveal recently provided a look at the back cover which now gives us the new information that Kyle Jones will be handling the ADR direction for this series. The series so far stars Scott Gibbs and Caitlynn French.

The anime adaptation comes from original creator Yuu Kamiya and is directed by Atsuko Ishizuka (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, NANA) with series composition by Jukki Hanada (Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!, Beyond the Boundary), art direction by Eiji Iwase (Campione!, Divergence Eve) and animation production by Madhouse Studios (Highschool of the Dead, BTOOOM!).

Plot concept: On the internet, they’re legends: the tag-team duo known as BLANK, famed for their incredible game-playing skills. In the real world, however, the lives of 18-year-old Sora and his 11-year-old stepsister Shiro have been spiraling out of control. Now existing as shut-ins, they rarely leave their house and are unable to be separated without suffering panic attacks. Games, for them, are the safest retreat from reality. Until they win a chess match against a mysterious opponent known as Tet and find themselves pulled into a game bigger than any they could have ever imagined. Now, in a world where the outcome of games determines the fates of both civilizations and species, they must defend Humanity in the ultimate challenge, vying against a host of otherworldly competitors for the right to rule them all! But if they fail, it means slavery or destruction for all mankind. No pressure, of course! Can two misfits who can barely handle their own lives somehow rise to the occasion and save the human race? The competition is on as their battles begin in NO GAME, NO LIFE!