Hunter X Hunter Episode #144 Anime Review

Hunter X Hunter Episode #144 Anime Review

Hunter X Hunter Episode 144

Leorio makes the big play.

What They Say:
Gon, a young boy who lives on Whale Island, dreams of becoming a Hunter like his father, who left when Gon was still young.

The Review:
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Knowing the series is ending soon casts an interesting light on events as this arc moves forward. Partly, it feels like it doesn’t matter in a way what the long term ramifications are from this arc because we won’t see it, at least anytime soon. That frees you from being totally invested in it and you can just watch to enjoy seeing these final events play out with characters we’ve been hanging around with for about three years or so now. For me, the fun of all of this is just seeing Killua being so focused on saving his friend, something that he never thought he’d have based on who he was when we first met him, and seeing him go the distance here with all that’s involved makes for a lot of fun. And part of it for me is just seeing Ging moving about and wondering what his real motivations are, though not being too invested in that because of the short run we have left.

We do get some interesting Ging material at the start here though as he’s confronted about what he’s doing by one of the others that’s engaged in the upper level management of the election, but what we see is that Ging is most assuredly playing his own game and is using a lot of things to gain what he wants, though what he wants isn’t exactly clear. Partially, it just feels like he’s doing it because it’s fun, but you have to believe there’s more to it with the rules that they came up with. What he brings to the table here is some election numbers game and theory material that delves into the rules he set up and how they can be worked out and pushed back against with what Pariston is up to. Pariston is certainly unlike Netero in many ways and Ging makes it clear that someone like him really isn’t suited for the position, though he compares himself to Netero favorably, so you have to laugh at that, especially because it does feel true.

This episode focuses heavily on the election piece as it moves forward and we get some of the candidates going out there and making their cases, which are interesting enough to be sure, but it’s when Leorio ends up getting his turn that we get something amusing because he goes in a very different direction, stating he’ll treat it as his own thing and use it to save Gon first and foremost. That makes him view the Association as being a group that must focus on taking care of their own and it’s interesting to see how that unfolds from there. Once he makes his declaration, seeing how the other candidates react to it – or don’t react – is definitely fun as you can see how they realize that Leorio has nearly secured it. Pariston is the quickest of them all to pivot and adapt, but even there he can go only so far, looking to make his attack based largely on length of experience as a Hunter.

In Summary:
While I really want more material with Killua and his quest to save Gon, the election side of this arc is really the dominant piece overall and we get some really good stuff here. There’s a lot of factions, blocks and groups at work and they do a decent job of keeping it simply enough to work with, especially since defeating Pariston is the overall goal and Ging has largely set that up as something they can do. Leorio’s play is probably the most honest in a way, but honesty doesn’t serve well when it comes to politics. But this is anime and things don’t have to make sense… There’s definitely things to enjoy here, but it’s a bit more limited in scope.

Grade: B

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