Dynamite Entertainment Showcases September 30th, 2015 Releases

Dynamite Entertainment Showcases September 30th, 2015 Releases Dynamite Entertainment is closing out the month on Wednesday with their new releases and there’s a good selection of material. The Dresden Files gets an all-new original story, which should delight fans, while we also get a new installment of King: Prince Valiant. Dynamite’s also got a strong Vampirella Annual out tomorrow as well as the concluding chapter of the Red Sonja/Jungle Girl spinoff series from Swords of Sorrow.

King: Prince Valiant #4
Nate Cosby (w)
Ron Salas (a)
Jonathan Lau (c)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Jonathan Lau B/W Artretailer incentive cover
Stephen Downey Exclusive Art retailer incentive cover
Stephen Downey B/W Art retailer incentive cover

The entire universe is in peril. Trillions of lives at stake. There’s an omniscient and omnipotent darkness coming. It has never lost a battle. But don’t worry…Prince Valiant has a sword…
Dynamite Entertainment Showcases September 30th, 2015 Releases

Swords of Sorrow: Red Sonja / Jungle Girl #3
writer: Marguerite Bennett
artist: Mirka Andolfo
cover: Jay Anacleto
incentive cover: Jay Anacleto (B/W art)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
As the ice storm howls and unleashes a crescendo of destruction, Sonja and Jana howl right back. They have better lung stamina. Just you watch. Mistress Hel plays her final endgame, unleashing powers beyond all control for the fate of the island and all its people! Sonja and Jana aren’t going to take that lying down, are they?
Dynamite Entertainment Showcases September 30th, 2015 Releases

Vampirella Annual 2015
writer: Nancy A. Collins
artist: Aneke
cover: Jay Anacleto
FC • 48pages • $5.99
No longer the Queen of the Nosferatu, Vampirella is free to begin a new chapter in her life—as a field agent for The Kabal, a covert supernatural organization comprised of monsters that polices their own kind in order to maintain balance between humanity and the world of the occult. Her first mission is to rescue a fellow Kabal agent kidnapped by a group of mad scientists calling themselves the Prometheus Society, who demand the release of their fellow member, Dr. Faustus. But first she must coerce a former field agent, Lazarus the Walking Dead Man, into returning to the Kabal before going toe-to-toe with the likes of Dr. Moreau, Dr. Caligari, Dr. John Dee, and a certain Dr. Frankenstein. Let the Monster Rally begin!s
Dynamite Entertainment Showcases September 30th, 2015 Releases

Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Down Town HC
writer: Jim Butcher, Mark Powers
artist: Carlos Gomez
cover: Stjepan Sejic
FC • 144 pages • $24.99
Chicago wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden and his new apprentice, Molly Carpenter, intend to end the havoc caused by a mad sorcerer — one whose ambitions would have the Windy City streets carved out as his own private kingdom. But when the magical upstart enters into an alliance with the notorious mob boss “Gentleman Johnnie” Marcone, will the fast-and-loose Dresden and his young charge survive unscathed?
This graphic novel collects the critically acclaimed, six-issue series in one volume, and features a bonus section with Jim Butcher’s original story outline, sketchbook artwork from Carlos Gomez, cover gallery with roughs from Stjepan Sejic, and more!
Dynamite Entertainment Showcases September 30th, 2015 Releases