New ‘Yuyake Dandan’ Promos Arrive

New ‘Yuyake Dandan’ Promos Arrive Anime shorts have been doing well on the web overall and with some limited broadcast success too, but now we’ve got them moving up to a different venue with Yuyake Dandan. The 3DCG shorts began getting screened in front of films in the 109 Cinema’s chain throughout Japan back at the beginning of April and now Flying Dog has brought out a new intro video and a two minute trailer, which is mostly just dialogue.  The shorts will definitely have appeal for anime fans in general simply to see some new designs from Range Murata, whose works include Last Exile and Blue Submarine No. 6 among others.

The shorts are directed by Hideki Nimura based off of scripts by Bunou Fujisawa and animated by Dynamo Production. Flying Dog is handling the music production and the promo comes from them.

Plot concept: The story is set in a stairway called “Yuyake Dandan” near the JR Nippori station in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo. On one sunset time, a high school girl Nanami (Akane Shiba) meets a mysterious cat named Kotobuki (Koichi Yamadera) who can speak with her. The short stories tell their heartwarming, but sometime sharp-tongued relationship. 19-year-old Shiba was chosen in the open audition held last December.

Original promo short: