Uncanny Season 2 #2 Review

Uncanny Season 2 #2 Review Twists within turns…

Creative Staff:
Story: Andy Diggle
Art: Aaron Campbell

What They Say:
Weaver and Maggie are being hunted across South America. If they’re going to survive the mysterious organization known as CADRE and their former employer Deacon Styles, they’ll have to tap into previously undiscovered powers. But can their mysterious new ally Morgan be trusted…?

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Going into this second season of Uncanny was something that I imagined would be rough since I hadn’t read the first season, but I was really surprised by the opening installment as it was all character origin material for Weaver. Giving me that kind of grounding for the character worked really well in establishing someone for me to connect with from the start and move forward with through the story while learning and exploring the rest of the connections. While events moved forward well there, I have to admit getting into the second issue was the rough time that I expected with the first. Though the events are moving forward, I just felt a bit more disconnected from it, which means it’s a series that may read better when read in full.

With this issue, we essentially get Weaver, Morgan and Maggie on the run and trying to stay alive after Styles set things in motion to take them down. It’s actually fun at the first as they look to get some recovery time in Mexico City since Morgan’s wounded and they have to deal with some undesirables in order to get new transportation out of there. What makes it fun is that the locals are puffing up their chests to be sure, and rightly so, but we see how Morgan’s electronic based ability allows him to really, really put the fear into these guys with what he can find out and just how he can use it against them. It’s the kind of ability that you definitely do wish to have since it can put you into a real position of power and influence.

When the book does shift to Mexico City as they hole up there a few days later, it spends a good bit of its time with Weaver and Maggie getting to know each other better mentally by trying to deal with the “tracking wolf” that’s been implanted in them so Styles can follow them. That was being blocked while Morgan was conscious, but now that he’s out, they have to be proactive on their own. For Weaver, this exposes a lot of himself to Maggie when it comes to his fears, but we also get to learn more about her and that helps to ease some of the tension in general. Morgan himself also gets a decent nod as his connection to Styles is made clear and why he wants their help in killing him. Styles, for his part, doesn’t have a hueg role in this issue, but we see some time with him as Holly is brought in to talk to him since she’s been more public than she should be. This builds up Style’s position and style of power well, though it’s all terribly familiar.

In Summary:
While Uncanny in its first issue this season had me feeling invested, I admit that I felt a bit more out of the loop this time as the main story is getting fully underway. it sets things well here overall and while part of it is certainly familiar with what it presents when it comes to Morgan and Styles, I liked the overall tone of it and the way that it plays in the real world but with the abilities and how it would be dealt with by others in varying positions of true power. The book provides some good moments for the three main characters here, Weaver getting a lot of attention in the dream state to deal with things, and overall you get a sense of the immediate direction of events while still figuring there are some real twists ahead. But it’s just good to see this crew establishing themselves a bit and not just completely reacting to everything.

Grade: B

Age Rating: 16+
Released By: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: May 6th, 2015
MSRP: $3.99