‘Nar Doma’ Anime Gets First TV Series Promo

‘Nar Doma’ Anime Gets First TV Series Promo The release of the first print collection of Kometokaite Meter’s digital manga series Narudoma came out recently and that lead to the news that the property was getting an anime series. The show, which is set to debut in May 2015, is being done as a flash animation series and the first promo for it has arrived. The series is being produced at Kachidoki Studio with Takeshi Onaka directing.

The manga is part of the Comico.jp web manga app that hosts an array of materials. This series, according to the stats, has over 7.4 million downlodas so far which makes it one of the more popular ones.

Plot concept: The series follows a handsome, narcissistic lolicon college student, his androgynous, masochistic friend, a strong but polite and petite peer often mistaken for a junior high student, and wacky characters from the college dorm and its neighborhood.

[Source: ANN]