Shin Strange+ Episode #05 Anime Review

Shin Strange+ Episode #05 Anime Review

Strange Plus Season 2 Episode 5

Never reveal you like someone around people like Takumi.

What They Say:
Kou comes to a certain city, in search of his older brother Takumi, who ran away from home and disappeared. Thinking it’d be rather difficult to find his older brother, Kou decides not to go back until he finds him… but he ends up finding him immediately. However, when Kou is reunited with Takumi, he had become the head of the Mikuni Detective Agency. Takumi appears to have no intentions to go back home. Kou then decides that if his older brother isn’t going to come home, he’s going to stay at the Mikuni Detective Agency.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Strange+ takes us to a new story here as a young kid named Masashi has gotten away from his guardians and headed to the agency. Since it brings in Mera and the others, there’s some simple fun there as most folks like Masashi, but it turns into different types of competitions along the way – including making food fo reveryone to eat. Naturally, Takumi is over the top with what he does and Masashi is brutal and cutting with his plain speaking. What’s amusing is that when Ozu and Dorothy show up, Masashi gets totally smitten. That’s comical enough, but it’s how Takumi ends up rubbing it in that’s stupidly hilarious since it involves a whole lot of nudity and ass smacking.

In Summary:
The hit or miss nature of the show is in full force, but even when things go well the series still feels like it can’t really rise to the next level because of how it uses its time. Masashi is fun to have here since his comments cut to the quick and right through Takumi and that makes for a good time. when the tables get turned, it’s even more amusing because Takumi takes it up several notches to return it. It’s not great manners, but it’s damn amusing with the way he goes about it.

Grade: C

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