Miss Monochrome Season 2 Episode #13 Anime Review

Miss Monochrome Season 2 Episode #13 Anime Review Can the tour go on?

What They Say:
In this short animated series, Miss Monochrome is an android who decides to try and become a top idol singer in the ever growing competitive market.

The Review:
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The second season of the series draws to a close here and the wait for a third season is minimal. So minimal in fact that it’s continuing on in the next season, which is a nice surprise. Yet part of me wishes that there was a bit more of a break between the seasons simply to provide a breather. As much as I do enjoy the show and its kind of quirky simplicity, there’s a spinning the wheels aspect to a lot of it that draws it out in a way that can get just a touch grating from time to time. The character can make only so much progress in the end until they’re really ready to take it to the next level yet there’s no real incentive to do so. I totally get it, but it’s what frustrates from time to time with it. This season at least expanded the cast a touch, which really did help.

With the season finale here, what we get is Monochrome and Maneo panicking after everything that happened with Heimin Records and their over purchasing for the tour that’s coming up. It works out in a pretty cute way overall with some nice call backs to previous characters that appeared as they show up to help out in a way that does what shows like this do best; resetting things to zero. That they do it in a creative way while also expanding Monochrome’s status around the world makes it work in a really cute way, which is pretty much how it goes. Of course, being a finale (for the moment), it spends a decent portion of the episode doing an all group performance of the same song we’ve heard since the beginning. It’s nicely done but it really doesn’t offer up anything new.

In Summary:
Miss Monochrome has made progress overall compared to where it started way back at the very beginning. We’ve now got her interacting with a number of folks, expanding her reach, her CD has gone well and now she’s truly ready to begin her tour. That should make for some fun in the next season if they really get to the tour phase of it. The second season has had some good fun overall with the way it’s bolstered the cast a bit, added in some lightly recurring characters, and generally nudged the whole thing forward while still having its bizarre episodes. Hello, Battery-kun. While the series is not one that’s at the top of my lists, I get some basic enjoyment out of it. I just wish they had more songs in the mix.

Grade: C

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