A-1 Pictures Set For ‘Doukyuusei’ Boys-Love Anime Adaptation

A-1 Pictures Set For ‘Doukyuusei’ Boys-Love Anime Adaptation A new promotional video has arrived that has revealed a new anime adaptation coming up for A-1 Pictures with the boys-love manga series Doukyuusei making the leap. The original work comes from Asumiko Nakamura, a one volume/six chapter release that was serialized in Opera back in 2006 to 2007. The anime adaptation hasn’t been revealed as to what type it is, whether an OVA, a film or a TV series of some sort, but it has a pretty solid team behind it with Shouko Nakamura directing and Akemi Hayashi on board as the character designer. The promo below certainly plays an interesting sense of style and design to it that definitely makes it intriguing just for the animation alone.

Plot concept: A boy met a boy. They were in the flush of youth. Their love felt like a dream, like sparkling soda pop.