‘One Week Friends’ Manga Getting Live-Action Film

‘One Week Friends’ Manga Getting Live-Action Film One of the more charming and well-done character drama’s from the past several seasons is now on track for a live-action adaptation with One Week Friends getting the nod. An early scan from the newest Gangan Joker magazine has surfaced online and reveals that the manga from Matcha Hazuki has been given the green light. The manga itself is already completed, running for seven volumes between 2012 and 2015, with an anime adaptation as well. You can check our review of that Blu-ray set here .

No details about the film are available at this time, but more will be forthcoming soon with regards to cast, staff and planned release.

Anime Concept: Every lifetime is composed of millions of memories… but what happens if those memories don’t all connect? When Yuki Hase notices that Kaori Fujimiya seems to be alone and friendless at his school, he immediately wants to reach out to her. Much to his surprise, though, his overtures are turned down, and he’s completely stunned when he finds out why: it seems that ever since she was in a tragic accident, Kaori has been losing part of her memory every Monday, including all her recollection of everyone who’s become her friend.

It’s not that she doesn’t want friends, but that she can’t remember having any. That’s not enough of an obstacle for Yuki, however, and he becomes determined to make friends with Kaori every week. Because while most memories fade, there are some that, if you believe strongly enough and never give up, might just be able to last forever.

[Source: ANN ]