New Anime DVD/BD Releases For June 16th, 2015

New Anime DVD/BD Releases For June 16th, 2015 It may be a light day for anime releases, but it’s a great day for anime releases as some crossover material has arrived. This week sees the debut of two more Studio Ghibli titles from Disney with Spirited Away and The Cat Returns making their way to Blu-ray for the first time, helping to build more Ghibli collections. FUNimation is going for a priced-down release this week with the second season of Is This a Zombie? while Sentai Filmworks hits up the new material with the first half of Captain Earth arriving on separate DVD and Blu-ray editions.

What’s going in your cart?

  • Captain Earth Collection 1 BD (S)
  • Captain Earth Collection 1 DVD (S)
  • Is This A Zombie? of the Dead DVD/BD – Anime Classics (Hyb)
  • Spirited Away DVD/BD (Hyb)
  • The Cat Returns DVD/BD (Hyb)