Argevollen Episode #14 Anime Review

Argevollen Episode #14 Anime Review

Argevollen Episode 14

Not afraid of ghosts? You should be

What They Say:
The National Federation of Ingelmia has declared war on the United Kingdom of Arandas in its conquest of expanding its borders. Susumu Tokimune is a new pilot for the Arandas army and during a mission he encounters an armored vehicle containing a robot called Argevollen as well as a young girl named Jamie Hazaford. After saving Jamie’s life, Susumu becomes the pilot for the Argevollen and uses it to battle against the Ingelmian forces..

The Review:
Content(please note that portions of this review may contain spoilers): This week’s episode opens up with yet another battlefield scene but this time around it’s out to display some devastation in a different way. A phantom Trail Krieger nicknamed “The Ghost” has made it’s way into the war and it’s been slaughtering Arandas forces left and right, destroying several of their bases. Unit 8 ends up viewing some of the aftermath and there’s some interesting discussion on how war technology generally functions as most weapons are technically obsolete by the time they make it to the battlefield (and this is something generally true of tech as a whole). What’s made certain here though, is that the Argevollen may have some competition.

Some of the Inglemia commanders on the other hand, aren’t too thrilled about their new weapon since they have to waste resources testing it and don’t want to owe the higher ups for supplying it. Cayanne seems pretty concerned about the new Kriger as well and goes over the potential threat with Suguro from Kybernas who attempts to reassure him that the Arandas military isn’t being played, though he does suspiciously suggest that in the grand scheme of things, weapons manufacturing knows no borders. Back with Unit 8, Jamie decides to confront Susumu about overhearing what happened to his sister and Captain Samonji, though he interestingly seems to have come to terms with everything and is more or less unconcerned.

It doesn’t take too long for the mysterious Trail Kriger to show up at the base the unit’s stationed at, and the battle quickly turns into a one sided slaughter. Susumu goes out to confront it and the pilot (no guesses who it is), which ends up bringing his link with Argevollen dangerously close too 100%. The battle doesn’t have much of a conclusion however, as the Trail Kriger ends up retreating. The pilot is (obviously) none other than Richtoften who seems pretty pleased to have finally tracked down the Argevollen again and is looking forward to a rematch. Behind the scenes, the weapons manufacturing conglomerate from before seems pretty pleased with the results of their new units and prepares to move forward with stringing both countries along.

In Summary:
Argevollen’s no longer the only super mecha in town, and it’s a change that is very much welcome since while Susumu has been forced to improve quite a bit as a pilot by himself, the Argevollen has still been a bit too invincible for it’s own good so it’ll be nice to see something give it a run for it’s money. It’s also nice to get another look at what’s really going on behind the war and where the folks making all the shiny new mechs stand to profit from it all, though the show needs to get a bit more in depth on that aspect sooner rather than later. Things are chugging along pretty nicely and hopefully next week will start bringing out some answers.

Grade: B

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