‘Actually, I Am’ Anime Begins Hulu Distribution

‘Actually, I Am’ Anime Begins Hulu Distribution One of the summer 2015 anime series that hasn’t seen itself licensed (yet) is that of Actually, I Am, which did get a streaming run from Crunchyroll. It’s now expanding its digital distribution in the region as TMS Entertainment has now brought their series to Hulu for viewers to check out. Those that subscribe to Hulu get to watch this show in HD on their TV, mobile and computer.

The anime adaptation is directed by Yatsutaka Yamamoto based on scripts by Kenichi Yamashita and character design by Hirotaka Marufuji. It’ll be animated at TMS Entertainment. The manga comes from Eiji Masuda which began in January 2013 in Akota Shoten.

The cast includes Yū Serizawa as Yōko Shiragami, Inori Minase as Nagisa Aizawa, Reina Ueda as Mikan Akemi, Aya Uchida as Shiho Shishido, M.A.O as Akane Kōmoto and Emi Nitta as Akari Kōmoto.

Plot concept: Asahi Kuromine is a high school student who supposedly cannot keep a secret. One day he spots his crush Yoko Shiragami, unfurling a large pair of wings from her back. She explains to him that she is a vampire and is only able to attend a normal school on the condition that no one discover her true identity. Asahi swears to keep her secret but finds it hard to maintain seeing as how Yoko herself is an airhead and Asahi’s friend Mikan keeps bullying the two of them. Eventually, he discovers more girls in his school with secrets of their own: a tiny alien who rides a human-sized exoskeleton of herself, a werewolf capable of switching gender at any depiction of a moon, a thousand-year-old demon who secretly runs the school, and more who pose a challenge as Asahi tries to keep Yoko’s secret.