Gangsta Episode #09 Anime Review

Gangsta Episode #09 Anime Review Dang it, Manglobe…

What They Say:
In the crooked city of Ergastulum, “Handymen” Nick and Worick are the guys to call on for dealing with trouble. During one of their jobs, they get mixed up with a prostitute named Alex, who’s pimp is next on their target list. However little do they know that their fates are about to become intertwined…

The Review:
Content (warning as portions of this review may contain spoilers):

*siiiiiiggghhh* Why, Manglobe? Why did the show’s production have to implode now of all times. I’d be lying if I said the show looked “good” the last few weeks since there was still the occasional off model shot and the show’s usual ugly color palette, but at least it was consistent. This…this is not and made all the worse by how long it went on for.

So before quite getting into what exactly went wrong on the production end, let’s at least get up to speed with the plot. After Alex’s performance, the party gets interrupted by a drugged Twilight trying to make an assassination attempt on the Cristiano boss Loretta, under the orders of the guys orchestrating the Twilight hunts. Said attempt gets interrupted by her underlings but then the real Twilight Hunters show up and proceed  to turn things into a slaughter-fest. Nic arrives in time to stop them from killing Alex and finds out one is actually the sister of a Twilight named Delico who we met a few episodes ago. The hunters flee after backup from the Paulkee Guild arrives and it turns out the boss of the Corcisa family is indeed the one behind the Twilight hunts and that Alex’s brother Emilio is working for him.

In theory this sounds like a pretty solid entry for the show, but just about all of the impact it would have had is taken away by the show’s horrendous production issues this week. The “fight scene” against the Twilight hunters is an utter mess, with extremely limited and awkward looking animation as well as some of the worst fight choreography I’ve seen in a show like this. It felt like something you’d expect from the tortured production of a long running shonen battle anime like Naruto or Fairy Tail on their bad days, and considering that it took up the majority of the episode, it was pretty jarring to say the least. The character models are notably more off than usual during the early parts of the episode, and it really takes the fun out of what should have otherwise been a really cool episode.

All’s not lost though as the show did manage to salvage some decent material from the wreckage of the episode’s production woes. Alex manages to form a bit of connection with Loretta as she had a mother who was a former prostitute as well and she helps to bring back more memories of Alex’s brother which ties in pretty well to the reveal at the end. The show also manages to confirm this week what it had previously implied about Nic in the past: that his Twilight rank is a hoax and he only seems strong because he overdoses on Celebrer a lot to defeat stronger Twilights. In truth he’s only slightly above-average at best and thanks to that he’s referred to as a “Faker” among other Twilights. This stuff is pretty neat but it’s not quite enough to elevate the episode above it’s glaring visual problems this time around, and considering next week’s episode is a recap, things do not bode well on that end.

In Summary:
What should be a pretty solid entry for the show this week is killed by it’s glaring visual problems this time around as the production issues take their toll. There’re some bits of interesting material here and there that keep things somewhat interesting in spite of that but it’s not enough to let the episode escape from the visual problems unscathed. Sadly next week looks to be a recap with means the show’s production is looking pretty doomed going forward, but hopefully there’s a change that they’ll be able to rescue the show from the flames in time.

Grade: C

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