Streaming Replay: Kiddy Grade Anime

Streaming Replay: Kiddy Grade Anime While many anime fans live by the latest and greatest episodes, there’s a lot of material newer fans haven’t seen that should be checked out that can still be seen through free and legal streaming. One of those is the 2002 TV series Kiddy Grade, which has its twenty-four episode run available on Hulu in both Japanese and English thanks to FUNimation. The series is one that was a big deal back in the day, directed by Keiji Gotoh and coming from Gonzo while also getting a supporting pair of light novels and a few manga releases as well. The show was one of the earlier properties that FUNimation picked up as they began moving past their Dragon Ball franchise phase and into other anime properties, and it most recently got a DVD collection back in 2011.

Check out the first episode below in your language of choice and then dig deeper if it catches your interest!

Plot concept: In Star Century Zero-One-Sixty-Five, the Global Union was born. To provide an impartial mediator to the various planetary governments of the G.U., the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs, or G.O.T.T., was simultaneously formed to settle economic disputes amongst the member planets. Existing in the shadows of the G.O.T.T., the ES Force serves as the G.O.T.T.’s primary law enforcement organization. ES Force members Eclair and Lumiere are on the front line, pursuing all manner of criminals and bringing them to justice. This is their story.