ComiXology Sets New & Notable Digital Comics For September 24th, 2015

ComiXology Sets New & Notable Digital Comics For September 24th, 2015 The big release day is behind us and that means we dig into some of the other books that flesh out the week of new digital comics. This week sees another installment of Wonder Woman ’77 coming out from DC Comics as it essentially adds another season to the Lynda Carter run of the classic TV series.

Marvel rolls out a new set of collections today at some good prices that will please fans wanting to check out a range of material. We’re particularly interested in the new What If? Classic as those are some of our favorite era books. There’s also the first War Machine Classic trade and some fun with Ultimate Elektra, which we see getting more attention when the second seaseon of Daredevil arrives next spring. Add in some Thunderbolts, Spider-Man and Venom and it’s a pretty good mix that’s not too heavy on any particular franchise.

SPIDER-MAN: THE CLONE SAGA collection Marvel 10.99
THUNDERBOLTS CLASSIC VOL. 3 collection Marvel 16.99
ULTIMATE ELEKTRA: DEVIL’S DUE collection Marvel $8.99
VENOM: DEVIL’S PACK collection Marvel $10.99
WAR MACHINE CLASSIC VOL. 1 collection Marvel 12.99
WHAT IF? CLASSIC VOL. 1 collection Marvel 10.99
Wonder Woman ’77 11 DC Comics 0.99