‘Blood Blockade Battlefront’ Gets Two Anime DVD/BD Promos, Release Plans

‘Blood Blockade Battlefront’ Gets Two Anime DVD/BD Promos, Release Plans With the series Blood Blockade Battlefront now debuting in Japan, TOHO is getting things in order for the home video release for the series. The distributor has set a June 17th, 2015 debut for the show on DVD and Blu-ray where the twelve episode run will be spread across six discs, two episodes per disc. The DVD releases are priced at 5,800 yen while the Blu-ray releases are priced at 6,800 yen. The first cover artwork piece has surfaced as well as two promo spots for it to get fans to preorder early, especially for the limited edition releases that have even priority ticket applications in them.

The first volume has been solicited to contain a two page manga from original creator Naito Yashiro as well as a forty-eight page booklet. On disc extras at the moment are limited to just the clean opening sequence.

The show comes from the manga of the same name by Yasuhiro Nightow, who made a name for himself early in the previous decade with his Trigun work. The manga began in 2009 and has nine volumes released so far, with six of them out in North America through Dark Horse Comics. The anime adaptation is going to be produced by Bones with Rie Matsumoto directing based on scripts by Kazunao Furuya and character designs by Toshihiro Kawamoto.

Casting has included Rie Kugimiya as White, Rikiya Koyama as Klaus Von Reinhertz, Daisuke Sakaguchi as Leonard Watch, Kazuya Nakai as Zap Renfro, Yūma Uchida as Sonic, Akio Otsuka is “Lucky” Blitz T. Abrahms, Unsho Ishizuka is Patrick, Mamoru Miyano as Doug Hammer, Keiji Fujiwara as Deldro Brody, Banjo Ginga as Gilbert f. Alstein, Nana Mizuki as Michella Watch, Kazuya Nakai as Renfro and Hikaru Midorikawa as Zed O’Brien.

Plot concept: A breach between Earth and the netherworlds has opened up over the city of New York, trapping New Yorkers and creatures from other dimensions in an impenetrable bubble. They’ve lived together for years, in a world of crazy crime sci-fi sensibilities. Now someone is threatening to sever the bubble, and a group of stylish superhumans is working to keep it from happening.

‘Blood Blockade Battlefront’ Gets Two Anime DVD/BD Promos, Release Plans

Blood Blockade Battlefront Japanese Volume 1 Cover

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