ComiXology Sets New & Notable Digital Comics For May 17th, 2015

ComiXology Sets New & Notable Digital Comics For May 17th, 2015 Sunday’s aren’t all about the funny pages in your newspaper as DC Comics and ComiXology make sure you get some fresh material on the digital first side even today.

This week it’s once again all about Mortal Kombat X, as the nineteenth installment of the series has arrived as written by Shawn Kittelsen with artwork by Dexter Soy. The series has been going over pretty well with fans so far and it’s also providing some solid material in print form down the line that will gain more attention in the bookstore market.

Plot concept: Desperate to keep his throne intact, Kotal Kahn does the unthinkable…and turns to the Black Dragon for support against the Shokan. Meanwhile, General Reiko pays a visit to Jax!

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