Wakaba*Girl Episode #10 Anime Review

Wakaba*Girl Episode #10 Anime Review The sports festival moves on!

What They Say:
Wakaba looks like an elegant rich daughter, but she aspires to be like a trendy “gyaru”. Moeko is a pure, innocent and fairy-tale-like girl. Mao is capricious and behaves in her own way. Nao used to be an athletic type of girl, but has now become a fujoshi who loves boys love.

The Review:
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With some of the culture festival material already having been dealt with, dipping into the sports day material is a given, especially since it gives us time with our very non-athletic girls. Heck, the prologue alone is great with the relay race where Wakaba is all polite when handed the baton when she really needs to be running hard. Not that many of them can really run, though Mashiba again proves she’s just good at almost everything. The show really does nail it when it comes to the quality of its animation to take such an utterly familiar scene, both in setting and characters, and make it feel fresh and new through its design efforts and the color quality. I love this show just from its look alone.

This episode focuses on the girls trying to get a bit more physical with Moe leading the charge here as she wants to improve. There’s the cuteness of her appearance and voice in trying to do it, but you have to love the attitude she projects as she really wants to master it and get in the zone. But she’s just not that kind of intense person and it doesn’t come across right, which makes it all the cuter. With everyone else helping in their own special way, there’s some enjoyment in seeing them do that, or struggle in the case of Mashiba as she discovers she’s not quite as athletic as before. All four of them have their charms here as they try and do such basic and simple things. Wakaba, of course, takes it to a whole other level of adorableness.

In Summary:
Wakaba Girl thankfully doesn’t spend too much of its time on the sports day material itself as it rather is more interested in working through some of the fallout from it with how the girls react to their performance. Most of it comes down to the familiar of wanting to support each other and what they need to do in order to help each other and that makes for some nice little inspirational bits when it comes to going the distance for Moe. For Wakaba, it’s a growing up point as well because she has to miss her curfew in order to help and decides that helping Moe is more important. It’s a choice you know she wouldn’t have made before and is better off because she does make it, even if they do hit an out for it at the end.

Grade: B

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