Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Episode #12 Anime Review (Season Finale)

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Episode #12 Anime Review (Season Finale) What they say:
“Love Forever”

The Review:
As the battle unwinds in the first 30 seconds, evil goldfish is scheming with someone on a cellphone when he is picked up by Goran the only character I bothered to learn the name of and blond McProtag’s big brother. Goran stops the battle by having the evil goldfish confess that this is all in fact a reality show. The entire flipping series to this point was not about spreading love but stopping an evil alien television producer goldfish’s plot.

This obvious and predictable turn of events results in utter shock for everyone and the battle comes to an end. Before you can say “flush the fish,” the green porcupine activates the needles which he struck Goran with which I forgot to mention until now. Goran turns into a hunky, badass, axe wielding villain (kuma shock!) who everyone must defeat. Through the power of pseudo romance the heroes and former villains join together as a team and defeat him with love.

Before the curtains can fall, evil goldfish brings out his giant porcupine goldfish robot… thing and they must defeat that now! In the midst of battle, evil goldfish is then informed that his reality show is cancelled and they are out of missiles. Blond McProtag uses super love shower and evil goldfish and green porcupine apologize. Flash forward and the gang along with the dominatrixes are back at the public bath and chatting about nothing relevant. Pink koala is still there for some reason and nothing has been done law wise about the man he murdered about a dozen episodes ago. The end.

In Summary:
This was the best ending the audience could have asked for. The comedy level was turned up to ten. It was actually my favorite episode. Hopefully it will leave you on the floor laughing as it did for me. If not it is still well worth the watch as it has some bits of great character development that round out the series quite well. In conclusion I will say this: Cute High earth Defense Club love, while not some pinnacle of animation, is at least worth sampling. Each moment is fun cheesy goodness and the show is guaranteed to leave a smile even in the bitterest soul.

Grade: A

Streamed by: FUNimation