‘Tamayura’ Anime Gets New Clip Ahead of DVD Release

‘Tamayura’ Anime Gets New Clip Ahead of DVD Release Nozomi Entertainment is getting things finalized for the DVD release of Tamayaura: Hitotose that’s due out next week and to try and entice you to add it to your order, they’ve got a new clip out for it. They also recently brought out the first two OVA episodes for streaming, which may do a better job overall of getting you interested. The two pieces, clocking in at over thirty minutes each, are now available with English subtitles via YouTube. Naturally, they’re restricted to just North American viewing as that’s where their rights are for it.

The company announced the pickup of the series at Anime Expo this summer and has set a quick release for it. The show has now been scheduled for an October 6th, 2015 debut from the distributor with it being on DVD and priced at $44.99 for the nearly 400 minute run. The release contains episodes 1-12 and Special Episode 5.5. Special features include the Tamayura OVA Series, Clean Openings and Endings, Promotional Videos and Commercials

Plot concept: As a little girl, Fuu Sawatari’s father taught her to love photography. They took pictures everywhere they went. But after he passed away, seeing those photographs only served as a reminder of her loss, so she locked them away to be forgotten. Years later, her brother Kou finds their father’s picture album, and as he flips through its pages, the pictures remind Fuu of all the happy memories of her father that she will carry with her forever.

Now, as the shy Fuu enters her first year of high school, she once again takes up her father’s old camera, determined to take wonderful pictures that will bring joy and happiness to others.