Chris Pine Joins ‘Wonder Woman’

Chris Pine Joins ‘Wonder Woman’ It’s been a couple of months since the rumors first hit that Chris Pine was in talks to take on the role of Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman film. Some of that got less than clear when other rumors surfaced that he was in talks for a part as a Green Lantern character, which at least could make some sense since that film was recently renamed to Green Lantern Corps and the potential for other human characters is there. but now the deal is sealed and Chris Pine has finalized his position as Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman.

The last time we got a live action version of the character was back in the 1975-79 Wonder Woman TV series, where Lyle Waggoner played the character.

Pine has a lengthy list of projects that he’s been involved in, most notably taking on James T. Kirk in the Star Trek relaunch, but also attempting to revive the Jack Clancy series, which didn’t go so well. The character of Steve Trevor is an interesting one as he’s been around since the beginning of the Wonder Woman character in the comics, involved in her “origin” story which we’ve heard is going to go in a whole other direction for the films.

The film is set to debut on June 23rd, 2017 directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.

Chris Pine Joins ‘Wonder Woman’