Second ‘Turn A Gundam’ Anime DVD Release Scheduled

Second ‘Turn A Gundam’ Anime DVD Release Scheduled Nozomi Entertainment previously set a June 30th, 2015 debut for the first part of Turn A Gundam on DVD in Norh America and now they’ve set an August 4th, 2015 date for the second set. This set will be priced at $49.99 and bring another twenty-five episodes of Turn A Gundam out for fans. The release is working off the remastered video and will include a three part interview with mechanical designer Syd Mead, the clean opening and the clean closing. It’ll be like the first half in that it’s in Japanese only with English subtitles. Check out the full front cover artwork below.

Plot concept: Wishing to turn the tide of war, Guin Rhineford leads the Earth Militia into space aboard the Willghem. His hope is that a solution for the conflict might be reached once they arrive at the Moon. However, Queen Dianna’s absence has caused disarray for the government she had left behind and created a power vacuum in the Moonrace leadership.

Meanwhile, for the sake of his friends, Loran Cehack continues to assist Guin Rhineford by piloting the Turn A Gundam. But as his knowledge of the machine’s operation grows, so too do his concerns about its terrible past recorded in the Dark History. Under what circumstances could a weapon this powerful have come to be forgotten?

Second ‘Turn A Gundam’ Anime DVD Release Scheduled