Lovely Muco Episode #09 Anime Review

Lovely Muco Episode #09 Anime Review This series continues to make me want a dog again.

What They Say:
Lovely Muuuuuuuco! tells the story of the Akita dog Muco, and its glassblower owner Komatsu-san.

The Review:
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Lovely Muco has managed quite the charming run so far and it’s doing the difficult thing now of really making me want to have dogs in my life again. After having them for years and years, and recently losing two that were in their late teens, that’s not an easy thing to accomplish. Where Muco succeeds is in the way that it just makes her come alive with such personality and love of life that it’s infectious. That’s a big positive and now when I go into any new episode and it kicks off like this one with her just have a whole lot of fun I can’t help but to fall in love more. Muco playing catch with a plastic bag in a light breeze is far more entertaining than I would have thought going into this series. The opening sketch alone is wonderful before Ushicou arrives and takes it over the top.

Ushicou is fun from the start here as the main show gets underway as he and Komatsu play a little joe on Muco using a tablet to show her Komatsu without him being in the room. Her panic is fun as is his enjoyment of the tech, though we see that Komatsu is seriously old-school with his technology. It’s simple stuff but a lot of us play with our toys with our pets and have varied but usually fun results with it. Ushicou hasn’t had a lot of time in the show but it’s nice to see him getting a little bit more here as he hangs out and even takes Muco for a walk while getting snacks and supplies from the convenience store. A walk in the evening is really different and adds a nice element to things here. The hilarious part is that while waiting, Muco ends up being woken up by Shinohara, who she views as a real threat to Komatsu. The growling and dialogue is great, but I also loved the way Ushicou is just smitten by her and tries to play it all cool when he stumbles upon the situation.

The last sketch is definitely nicely done though as we get to see a simple but really nicely done soft waking up sequence for Muco that leads to her being excited about being awake and in the world outside. The simplicity of that, playing ball and wanting to be fed and being playful with that while Komatsu tries to figure out what it is that Muco really wants is great. When it gets to the reveal, which is pure and simple slice of life stuff, it’s great. That so much of it is done without dialogue is what makes it even better because it’s just the enthusiasm of Muco’s movements and expressions that draws you in for it.

In Summary:
Just charming. Though I really enjoy a wide range of shows and definitely dig the complex worlds that are built up, shows like this are even more appealing in a sense because they provide the ease of just settling in and watching something fun without the larger commitment. Muco continues to be a delight with her personality and expressive nature and this episode is no exception, even as it tackles Ushicou a bit, which can be a bit hit or miss depending on how you view him. Good stuff all around and definitely some great bookend material in this episode with enjoyable pieces in between.

Grade: B

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