Tom Cruise & Doug Liman Teaming Up For ‘Luna Park’ Film

Tom Cruise & Doug Liman Teaming Up For ‘Luna Park’ Film Tom Cruise and Doug Liman have worked well together before and now the two are teaming up for a science-fiction heist film that has been gestating since 2007 with Doug Liman. Originally called Moon, Liman almost got it made back in 2011 with Paramount and Skydance before it fell apart over budgetary issues. With Cruise boarding the project amid all the positive reception for the recent Mission: Impossible film and putting in some solid effort with both Oblivion and Edge of Tomorrow, a return to SF isn’t a surprise. Cruise is set to help Liman develop and produce the film and is likely to star in it.

No studio has been set with it at this point.

Plot concept: The film centers on a group of ex-space employees who travel the world stealing equipment in an effort to return to the moon to find an energy source. All they need now is a former NASA employee, whom they set out to kidnap.

[Source: Variety ]