Miss Monochrome 2 Episode #09 Anime Review

Miss Monochrome 2 Episode #09 Anime Review Image change, go!

What They Say:
In this short animated series, Miss Monochrome is an android who decides to try and become a top idol singer in the ever growing competitive market.

The Review:
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After sidetracking a bit with a silly story the last time around with Battery-kun, this episode shifts its focus to the next stage of the game for Monochrome with getting some more publicity. Publicity comes in all types and forms and of course she has some unusual ideas of how to go about it. There’s a comical moment early on as she produces a 3D printer out of nowhere and reveals a 150 billion yen amusement park that she wants to build. It’s a joke on her part but Yayoi takes it so seriously and tries to secure the funding. Her enthusiasm is certainly infectious but she’s definitely not able to really take what Monochrome says with a sense of humor at times. It makes for some silly moments though.

The focus turns towards more realistic forms of publicity, such as photo shoots and the like, and selling of said shots. Finding shots that provide impact isn’t easy though since so much of what you can do has been done a million times before. So when she sees another idol in the same area doing a shoot we get to see just how big it can go and be made special for a music video. Introducing that idea to Monochrome may not be the best idea though since she’s quite competitive. What she does take from it though is to try and change her image a bit in order to come across as new and different. Magical Afro Girl may not be the right thing, but the rest of the hairstyles are just as amusing as well.

In Summary:
Monochrome’s quest doesn’t get far here, as one would expect, but it has some cute moments as we see her trying to figure out the next best way to move forward with her image and attract more fans. There’s familiar ideas here to be sure but it’s nicely executed and has some cute moments, especially in bringing in a different idol briefly to help inspire and to get a new perspective on things. The image change moments alone are worth watching just to see how she comes up with new personas for herself to take on.

Grade: C

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