Pony Canyon Sets ‘Denki-Gai’ North American Anime Release Plans

Pony Canyon Sets ‘Denki-Gai’ North American Anime Release Plans With the exclusive distribution deal now set up with Right Stuf for their releases in North America, Pony Canyon has announced their preorder plans for Denki-Gai with what the first volume will be like.

Set to debut on April 10th, 2015, the release will be priced at $89.98 with a store price of $71.98. The release will contain the first four episodes of the series in its original Japanese with english and Spanish subtitles. It’ll have three discs; the Blu-ray, the DVD and a character song CD with material performed by Hiotan , Kameko , G-men , Umio (includes Karaoke).

On disc extras include:

Textless Opening (Special O.A. Version)
Textless Ending (Special O.A. Version)
TV Commercial Collections

The packaging bonus is where they’re looking to make an impact and you can see more of it in the image to the right.

Exclusive Mega Tall size “DODEKA” Disc Case
Double-sided cover illustrated by SIN-EI ANIMATION
Deluxe 24-page Booklet ”Umanohone Magazine 1&2”
2 Collectible Wall Pin-up Pictures illustrated by Asato Mizu(Original Story)
Double-sided Poster illustrated by SIN-EI ANIMATION
Exclusive “PONYCAN US” Plastic Slipcase

The adaptation has Masafumi Sato set to direct the project at Shin-Ei Animation with Makoto Moriwaki as the supervising director while Kazuyuki Fudemasu will be handling the series composition. Yurie Koniyuki is set to handle the character design and serve as animation director. Now the latest issue of Monthly Comic Flapper has arrived and the main cast of characters for the series has been announced, which has most of them coming back from their world on the drama CD that came out in 2013.

The series stars Natsumi Takamori as Hiotan, Minami Tsuda as Sensei, Ayana Taketatsu as Fu Girl (previously played by Mako), Mai Aizawa as Kameki, Yu Kobayashi as G Men, Satomi Satou as Tsumorin, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Kantoku, Takahiro Tomita as Sommelier (previously played by Tomokazu Sugita) and Ryota Ohsaka as Umio.

The manga series began in Comic Flapper back in 2011 and it’s been picked up for North American release by Vertical. It’s currently at seven volumes and it had a drama CD produced for it last year as well. The anime adaptation doesn’t ha

Plot concept: A blush-inducing, coming-of-age comedy about manga-loving book store employees! The unique cast of characters — all hard-core manga fans and maniacs of some sort – work at the “Uma no Hone” comic shop. On a daily basis, they display new releases, shrink-wrap comics, shudder at their lack of feminine qualities, question their love for porn literature, and basically have fun while working hard. Girls and guys call each other by nicknames and some begin to develop close relationships!