Christopher Nolan Rumored Involved With ‘Akira’ Film Trilogy

Christopher Nolan Rumored Involved With ‘Akira’ Film Trilogy A new week, a new Akira rumor. Frankly, there’s enough of them out there that it feels like each time we get one it’s like an April Fool’s joke sprinkled throughout the year.

The latest one does have some interesting potential if it turns out to be something that could come to fruition. Warner Bros. has sunk enough cost into the Akira project over the years with various incarnations of it and a whole host of talent coming and going with it. So they’re continuing to try and figure it out while making sure the rights are intact.

Now it looks like the project is being planned as a trilogy again. With the amount of material, and the anime feature film already excising much of the source material itself, this makes the most sense. But what’s getting people excited? The news for this comes at the same time that Christopher Nolan has been tagged to direct an unspecified film for Warner bros that will arrive on July 21st, 2017.

The report indicates that Nolan is involved in it, though I suspect like others that it’s going to be on the producer level and little more than that. With him having spent enough time working with adapting the Batman property it’s hard to imagine him wanting to go back to playing in someone else’s sandbox again anytime soon unless something really grabs him.

I’m also very, very leery of the trilogy mention. Warner has had a mixed at best track record as of late with science fiction films (hello, Jupiter Ascending) and they’ve got a massive slate of films coming up with their DC Entertainment side as well as the new pre-Harry Potter films with Fantastic Beasts.

At this point I’ll admit that I either want the rights for this to just die out or for it to get made already so we can be done and over with it.

[Source: Den of Geek ]