‘Aquarion Logos’ Anime Begins Hulu Distribution

‘Aquarion Logos’ Anime Begins Hulu Distribution FUNimation has added another series to Hulu, though this one isn’t done as a subscriber only series, as Aquarion Logos has now arrived. The first episode is also a double length one that will give fans fifty minutes of material in this third outing of the franchise. Those who subscribe to Hulu do get some added benefits though such as being able to watch this show on your TV and mobile devices.

The new series is directed by Eiichi Sato and Daisuke Tsukushi based on scripts by Jun Kumagi, Yuniko Ayana and Mariko Mochizuki. Sanislas Brunet and Yukio Ikeda on handling the mecha design for this series. Takashi Mamezuka is on board as the character designer and chief animation director and it’ll be procued by Sateliet and C2C.

The cast includes Nobunaga Shimazaki as Akira Kaibuki, Ayane Sakura as Maia Tsukigane, Yūto Adachi as Subete Kenzaki, Haruka Chisuga as Kokone Kikogami, Yuichiro Umehara as Hayato Kujyo, Takayuki Asai as Tsutomu Domon, Ari Ozawa as Karan Uminagi, Jouji Nakata as Sōgon Kenzaki, Saima Nakano as Shōko Iwagami and Ryoko Shirashi as Sakurako Soda.

Original series premise: In a distant future, humanity once again is facing the threat of the “Shadow Angels.” Mystical creatures who returned after 12,000 years of absence. They attack human cities and kidnap their inhabitants in order to drain their “prana” (vital energy). To fight against them, youngsters with special powers from around the world were gathered and trained to pilot the “vector machines,” three ancient ships that together form mankind’s ultimate weapon, “Aquarion.” The story revolves mainly around Apollo, a teenager rumored as the reincarnation of Apolonius, a fallen angel who fought against his own kind to protect mankind. Few believe it could be true, but the fact is that despite his untamed and reckless nature, he proved to be an invaluable asset in the battle against the Shadow Angels.