ComiXology Sets New & Notable Digital Comics For June 19th, 2015

ComiXology Sets New & Notable Digital Comics For June 19th, 2015 Friday has arrived again and after a deluge of releases this week that we’re still going through, I’m glad to have a bit of a breather again today to try and collect my throughts. That said, we do get a pair of new books out that are definitely fun for different reasons. Batman: Arkham Knight continues on with Tomasi and Guara hitting up another installment as a digital first release. Archie Comics is getting another collection out as well with the something for the Jughead fans out there as it’s him against the world.

Arkham Knight: Physically exhausted after an intense all-nighter, Batman squares off against Bane for one last showdown! But does the Dark Knight have anything left? Will Bane finally crush his nemesis once and for all? And where’s the Arkham Knight been all this time? Find out in the finale of “Bane of Existence”!

Jughead: Jughead has always marched to the beat of his own drum, but not everyone thinks that’s a good thing! Lots of people have tried to change him, and it never seems to work the way they plan! Is Jughead the nut that nobody can crack? Find out in this digital-only collection and watch Jughead face off with the entire WORLD!

Jughead VS The World Archie
Batman: Arkham Knight 18 DC Comics