‘Doukyuusei’ Anime Feature Getting 2016 Debut

‘Doukyuusei’ Anime Feature Getting 2016 Debut Announced back in March 2015 as a project moving forward from A-1 Pictures, we learned in April that the anime project for Doukyuusei would be a theatrical feature. This still means it could be an OVA length project and is getting a theatrical screening based on that, as many OVAs are getting runs these days, but it could also be a traditional feature length movie as well. While things are still unclear about the project, it’s been revealed that the film will get an early 2016 debut in Japan in theaters.

The original work comes from Asumiko Nakamura, a one volume/six chapter release that was serialized in Opera back in 2006 to 2007. It has a pretty solid team behind it with Shouko Nakamura directing and Akemi Hayashi on board as the character designer. Kenji Nojima and Hiroshi Kamiya are set to start in the lead roles.

Plot concept: A boy met a boy. They were in the flush of youth. Their love felt like a dream, like sparkling soda pop.

[Source: ANN ]