Second ‘Haikyu!!’ Season Begins Anime Network Run

Second ‘Haikyu!!’ Season Begins Anime Network Run Sentai Filmworks is expanding distribution for another series they picked up from the fall season with the second season of Haikyu!! now out in the wilds. The show has begun its run on The Anime Network today with the first episode becoming available to premium subscribers. It also shows the second episode available, but not from the list itself, only when you play the first episode. The Anime Network will be bringing out new episodes every Wednesday at 3am ET for premium users in its original Japanese language with English subtitles.

The series comes from manga creator Haruichi Furudate and is directed by Susumu Mitsunaka (Cuticle Detective Inaba, Bunny Drop) with series composition by Taku Kishimoto (Silver Spoon, Tales from Earthsea), character designs by Takahiro Kishida (BTOOOM!, Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and animation production by Production I.G (Ghost Hound, Kuroko’s Basketball).

Plot concept: Ever since Shoyo saw a short-statured volleyball pro dominate in a National Championship, he’s been determined to become the next big thing in High School Volleyball. Unfortunately, he’s barely played the game. The only time he was able to play in junior high, his team was defeated in their first and only match against a team lead by up-and-coming setter Tobio. Now in high school, Shoyo finally has a chance to join a real team. The catch is: he must learn to play on a team with his old nemesis.