Archie #664 Review

Archie #664 Review You know you hit the big time when Archie is lampooning you.

Creative Staff:
Story: Angelo DeCesare
Art: Fernando Ruiz

What They Say:
Archie in “Game of Phones”: Winter is coming… a ten-year long winter—which means ten years of school WITHOUT summer vacation! In a world of many kingdoms, the noble Archie Starch lives with his family and his pal Snowhead in the Kingdom of Riveros. Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Lodgister, the wealthy princess Veronica Lodgister’s greatest desire is to be this year’s Prom Queen. Her main rival for the throne is a new girl in school, Princess Betty Cooparian. In yet another kingdom dwell the Braggians, with the pompous, sneaky Prince Reggie who is determined to do whatever it takes to become Prom King—even if that means faking his way to the top. Archie is ready to call his bluff and challenges him to a battle of the kingdoms on the Riveros High Football field. Which Kingdom will preside over all?

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Winter is coming, which means that Summer school is almost over at the Kingdom of Riveros high school and the imminent arrival of the senior prom!

King Bee occupied the prom king throne (made of guitars and possibly being even more kickass and metal than the Iron Throne) for seven years and now decides to step down so someone else may rule. His son, Reggie Braggian, thinks that his father should just place him on the throne, but old King Bee stands by the traditions of the land, opening the position to a democratic election.

Of course, Veronica Lodgister and Reggie have other plans. They conspire to send King Bee away and place themselves on the throne, bypassing the election. However, Archie and Betty Cooperian form a student rebellion to stop their evil plans. As befitting such serious and ancient matters, the true prom king will be decided on the football field in the shade of the Wall Mall.

I have no idea if being riffed in an Archie comic is a sign that you’ve truly made it or if you’ve become so ubiquitous that you’re now a joke. I’m inclined to think the former more than the latter, but regardless of which outcome turns out to be true, this is a cute, silly comic that repurposes the Riverdale gang as Game of Thrones characters. There isn’t much meat on the narrative bone here, making it difficult to parse out any greater meaning or analysis, but that’s not what this comic sets out to do. It’s a cute, fun, quick read that fans of both Archie and Game of Thrones should enjoy.

In Summary:
Archie #664: Game of Phones is a fun melding of Game of Thrones with Archie. It’s very tongue-in-cheek and silly and made for a good read. It’s not quite as solid as the previous issue because the jokes rely a bit too much on references to the book/show and the fun of the anachronistic dialogue and repurposed characters, but it’s definitely fun.

Grade: B+

Age Rating: N/A
Released By: Archie
Release Date: 11 February 2015
MSRP: $3.99