‘Monster Strike’ Anime Sets Worldwide Premiere

‘Monster Strike’ Anime Sets Worldwide Premiere We learned earlier this year that an anime adaptation was in the works for Monster Strike, a mobile game and social media mix that makes you about $4 million daily with twenty million players involved in the Japanese designed game. With a 3DS version in development for release later this year, an anime adaptation was a given and now the first promo video for it has arrived. With English close caption subtitles set for it, it reveals an October 10th, 2015 debut through the official Youtube channel for the game. That first episode is set for a short-form run time and will have multiple subtitle tracks in order to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Animated by Studio Hibari and Ultra Super Pictures, the show is directed by Kazuya Ichikawa based on the scripts from Jiro Ishii with Yoichi Kato.

Analyst reports previously pegged the property as being the next billion dollar mobile game, which is pretty impressive all around as their fourth quarter revenues at Mixi, producers of the game, was over $350 million, as it launched into began launches into Southeast Asia and the Chinese market.

‘Monster Strike’ Anime Sets Worldwide Premiere