Bikini Warriors Episode #04 Anime Review

Bikini Warriors Episode #04 Anime Review It’s hard to believe that these women are being taken advantage of. *cough*

What They Say:
For a true hero, helping others is the reward.

The Review:
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After seeing our warriors making their way through the town the last time around basically taking whatever they needed from people – in true RPG form, the series is ready to move on to the next phase of displaying the leading ladies of Bikini Warriors. With their plans to hit the local dungeon, they need to get the key for it and that has them dealing with the local types where they’re not exactly ready and willing to hand it over. So that means some additional work in order to build up the funds a bit so they can acquire it. That, naturally leads to some comical, silly and sexy moments for the cast – especially involving one lucky dog.

Helping others isn’t something that comes naturally to most of them, so our fighter has to spend her time doing most of the work. Where it gets really silly with its fanservice is when she has to try a really vile looking concoction and it ends up causing her to be super flirty to say the least. That means lots of groping going on to good effect. But we also get some good tentacle time in this episode with another job in dealing with some minor monster hunting. Suffice to say, our red haired fight is really put through her paces here in order to gain what they need. That there’s a twist at the end is no surprise but it really does play out well in a rather silly way.

In Summary:
Proving there’s no low that some people will go to in order to get things done for them, we see the Bikini Warriors having to buckle down and do all sorts of difficult or awful jobs in order to acquire the key that they need. It’s a mix of drudge work, action work and some other bits that ends up involving some sexy times that lets the character designs again provide all the titillation you need in a four minute show. While the series continues to be a mostly vapid piece in many ways, it also knows exactly what it’s doing, has fun with it and enjoys itself in a way that knows its audience all too well.

Grade: B

Streamed By: FUNimation

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