Viz Media Reveals angela Interview About ‘Coppelion’ Anime Music

Viz Media Reveals angela Interview About ‘Coppelion’ Anime Music Viz Media has revealed a new interview piece related to their recent anime series Coppelion in which they sit down with the musical group angela as they talk about the songs ANGEL and Tokumade for the series. angela has worked on a number of anime over the years and there’s some fun with the interview as they talk about immersing themselves into the manga to come up with the style of the songs to be used for the show. The full opening and ending sequences are also included in the piece.

Plot concept: In the not-so-distant future, a catastrophic event has turned the old capital of Japan into a wasteland, forever changing the lives of its people. Decades later, three schoolgirls set foot into the now forsaken city.