‘Micronauts’ Feature Film Writer Revealed

‘Micronauts’ Feature Film Writer Revealed While Hasbro talked about doing Micronauts as a feature film back in 2011 as they looked to expand beyond their Transformers based, it’s been pretty quiet since then. We’ve had more news in the past few months about a relaunch of the comics next year from IDW Publishing, which could help firm up the production of a new feature film.

According to Deadline , Paramount Pictures has brought in screenwriter Tom Wheeler to work on the project. With Paramount having been dealing with the property for several years, it looks like Wheeler will be taking a stab at th eexisting draft from writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who are known for Zombieland and Deadpool respectively. Wheeler’s background is fairly extensive in the world of TV with a variety of projects, including the ill-fated The Cape, and he co-wrote Puss in Boots for DreamWorks Animation.

The Micronauts property is an interesting one since Hasbro originally had Marvel producing comics back in the early 80′s and they came up with a lot of original creations that likely can’t be used in any feature film adaptation, making it both a good and bad thing. The toys from Hasbro are based n the Micromen line of toys from Takara in Japan.