One Piece Episode #718 Anime Review

One Piece Episode #718 Anime Review Pica’s on the move!

What They Say:
Pica loses his temper and turns his full wrath against King Riku, whom he hopes to destroy, ending the revolution against Doflamingo. Meanwhile, Zoro, who has been distracted by Pica and drawn far from the battle, has to hatch a plan to save the king!

The Review:
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One Piece provided plenty of focus the last time around that certainly made things resonate well. The time spent with Kyros over the course of the arc certainly hasn’t been bad, but it was the kind of character arc that was hard to connect with early on because of what we got with him in the Toy Soldier form. The toys as a whole just felt weird until we really got a good understanding of what happened and why. But it took on a better feeling once they started coming back and we got to see the reunions mixed with the anger and revenge angle, which Kyros has brought out in full. His fight with Diamante was definitely welcome to see and to be given the focus it did, especially after an interesting but side-story piece with Senor Pink. There are so many things going on that the focus episodes sometimes do leave you wish for more of the catch-up episodes where it touches on everyone.

This episode does break things up a bit with what we get and that helps so that it’s not a total focus episode, even if it doesn’t run the gamut of characters. I really liked the speech that Kyros gives early on as he’s making it clear to Pica why he will do what he’s doing, and you know it’ll have an impact and strengthen his resolve, especially while he protects Rebecca. The curious part is that he’s answering a question from Pica, who in turn takes what Kyros says and shifts gears from just fighting Zorro to going into a whole other stage himself called Charlestone. It proves to be dangerous to just about everyone in that area as he throws massive spikes out everywhere while also attempting to deal with a few traitors along the way as well. Pica has the potential to be one of the most dangerous ones out there and we get to see some of the reasons why with his actions here – actions that inflame the sense of justice from those like Zorro.

Everything takes on the bigger scale here as it progresses and I really like how it comes across, even if the actual destruction is catastrophic. With Pica going into full on walking mode, every step destroys a significant portion of the city and it’s just frightening how much can be leveled by him so easily. There’s some decent smaller moments as people either continue their own fights or try to save others, but Zorro takes focus with attempting to stop Pica. It has a little humor to it that helps as he comes up with his very, very, basic plans to try and stop him, but it’s also animated well and just clicks perfectly with the voice work. It’s a good bit of levity in a dark situation yet doesn’t come across as goofy or wholly out of place, particularly since it’s also balanced by the freakouts of others and those like Bartolomeo demanding that Pica come fight him instead. It all builds up really strongly here with the kind of threat Pica is, setting the stage for what’s to come in dealing with him.

In Summary:
The final moments end up being some of the most exciting in its own way with Zorro, but the character has a lot of good material in this episode overall, particularly in the second half. The show takes the real threat that is Pica and puts him squarely in the center of most everyone’s sights at this point with what he’s doing in order to ensure that Doffy’s larger plans are kept whole. The level of destruction is pretty significant here and Pica finally feels like he’s being represented as the kind of massive threat he is. Combine that with some good material early on with Kyros and his stand against him coming after the fight with Diamante and the way it elevates him as a leader and you get a solidly engaging episode overall that leaves you wanting more right away.

Grade: B+

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