Pony Canyon Sets ‘Kowabon’ Japanese Anime DVD Release

Pony Canyon Sets ‘Kowabon’ Japanese Anime DVD Release Japanese distributor Pony Canyon is handling the home video release for the fall 2015 short-form series Kowabon and have announced their plans for it. Like a lot of short-form shows, it’s getting a DVD-only release that will arrive on January 20th, 2016. The thirteen episode run, which clocks in at forty minutes, will be priced at 4,104 yen. The release will come with a making-of bonus and a booklet.

This horror series is an interesting one as it’s done in the five minute short-form approach and also uses rotoscoping to add to the eerie feeling of it all. It’s being directed by Kazuma Taketani with scripts by Hiromu Kumamoto.

Plot concept: The premise of the series involves modern humanity’s reliance on communications technology such as smart phones and social media. Kowabon poses such questions as: what if something sinister is watching us through all of the cameras that we take for granted? What if a supernatural grudge could propagate through the Internet?

[Source: Kowabon ]