Fandom Post Weather Advisory

Fandom Post Weather Advisory I wanted to give folks here a heads-up of what may be coming down the road for us on Tuesday. As many will know, the east coast and the northeast in particular is going to be pretty well slammed on Tuesday with what’s being billed as one of the bigger storms in recent memory. My particular area is being slotted for about 30 inches of snow throughout tomorrow and into early Wednesday morning.

As the state enters a state of emergency and many services are being shut down, we’re also keenly aware that we may end up without power due to the ferocity of the storm as it’s expected to hit between fifty to eighty mile an hour winds at different times throughout the day. Thankfully, the site itself is located far, far away from here. But we may be without power and Internet service for a day or two.

For those that are in the path of the storm like myself, be careful out there if you have to go out, otherwise stay in, read some comics and manga, watch some anime and movies, and check in with us here and through our social media, particularly Twitter where I’ll still be able to sneak in a little bit through my phone.