NisiOisin & Takeshi Obata’s ‘RKD-EK9′ Manga Getting Weekly Shonen Jump Release

NisiOisin & Takeshi Obata’s ‘RKD-EK9′ Manga Getting Weekly Shonen Jump Release It’s definitely great to see Weekly Shonen Jump doing more varied works coming out of Japan to give fans a taste legally and digitally of a number of very different works. The latest to get the nod is the one-shot manga from NisiOisin and artist Takeshi Obata called RKD-EK9. With Weekly Shonen Jump taking next week off due to the holidays, we’re getting a special digital issue that this will run in in its place. The chapter originally ran in Jump Square back in November as part of nine one-shots that NisiOisin is doing for several different magazines right now.

Plot concept: Kamayude Boumei has proved the existence of heaven, but has also shown that it’s impossible for an ordinary person to get there. One would have to save up many millions of good points from your life to be able to find their way to heaven. Everyone else’s soul just vanishes after their death. A couple of high school students end up teaming up with Kamayude’s daughter to try to find a way to go to heaven.