Viz Media Adds ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V’ Manga With Shonen Jump Weekly

Viz Media Adds ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V’ Manga With Shonen Jump Weekly With a US premiere of the anime coming up later this year, the digital version of Weekly Shonen Jump from Viz Media is getting in on the ground floor with Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V as the manga is set to appear in the August 24th installment of the magazine. This incarnation of the series comes from Naohito Miyoshi which begins on August 21st, so we’re getting a good bit of simulpub style material for it here. With a number of series from this property it can get confusing for those on the outside but for the fans of it this is a great chance to be right in from the start. Miyoshi’s no stranger to the property himself as he previously did a one-shot in the spring of 2014, which Viz Media ran in the magazine as well.

Plot concept: Set in Maiami City on the coast of Japan, Yūya is a second-year middle school student who loves to entertain people. Although he is small, he has been training his tough body and Action Duelist arms with weapons. His dream is to become an “Entertainment Duelist” who makes people smile. One day, Yūya ends up fighting an exhibition match with the current champion of Pro Duel world…