Naruto: Shippuden Episode #374 Anime Review

Naruto: Shippuden Episode #374 Anime Review

Naruto Shippuden Episode 374

The battle rages on as we see Orochimaru do more good guy work.

What They Say:
Bearing a close resemblance to the Legendary Sannin, Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke make a stunning arrival on the battlefield with each of their summonings.

The Review:
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The shift in the dynamic with Sasuke now involved was definitely a lot of fun to see in the previous episode, even if they didn’t capitalize on it in quite the way you would get from “older series” a few decades ago by just getting into the action. We did get some turned heads and surprised reactions that didn’t handle it too awful well, but nobody refused to fight, which says a lot depending on how cynical you are. Watching as the various sides started coming together to deal with the threat at hand worked well and it was amusing to see some of the smaller interpersonal pieces come into play with the main trio and the dynamic that exists between them. Going back to how they always were in some light ways is almost reassuring.

The scale of the fight grew nicely as well with the array of powerful fodder that Madara is throwing against them and seeing the way that Naruto and the others have brought their ancient frogs to the battle in order to get closer to him. This brings us back to things from the past, which resonates with some of those revived Hokage, in that they never thought they’d see the three way deadlock used again like they did in order to fight. But there is a certainly naturalness about it with those that make up Team 7. We’ve seen their abilities grown and change over the years and with the kinds of intense situations they’ve been put in, they certainly think outside of the box. And that makes for some engaging fights here across the board, silly as it may seem from a distance with an orange clad ninja on fire riding a flying frog wielding swords.

Amid the big moments, there are some smaller moments that are fun to watch as well as Orochimaru breaks off with a couple of Sasuke’s acolytes for a separate mission. There’s pros and cons to being separated from Sasuke, and working with Orochimaru, as they go to deal with Tsunade per the agreement. Getting him to help her isn’t something that her protectors agree with, but with how badly she’s been wounded, they do have to admit he might be able to help her. The relationship between Orochimaru and Tsunade has always been interesting and seeing him take on this role is definitely fun, even if we do get some flashback time as well. The present material is definitely solid though and getting a little forward progress on what’s going on with Tsunade amid all of this is interesting as I hope she has a stronger role in the large scale events that are going on.

In Summary:
For those heavily invested in the Orochimaru and Tsunade relationship, the second half of this is a strong episode as we see more of what he’s doing under Sasuke’s guidance and ties to the past he has with Tsunade and Jiraiya that get brought into the light again. Tsunade definitely has some choice words for him, words that come from the heart with her own pain suffered, and there’s a lot to like with that. Orochimaru doesn’t back off or falter, giving his talk of change and adaptation, but you have to feel wary when it comes to dealing with him and what the truth may be. He may have changed, but how soon – if at all – could most people trust him?

Grade: B

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