Right Stuf Adds Special Holiday Announcement

Right Stuf Adds Special Holiday Announcement Right Stuf has put out a new nearly four minute bit of promotional fun today where we get a nod towards their holiday shipping and then to start talking about the upcoming release of Turn A Gundam that will be out next year. As they start to talk about the other title that will be out next year, it shifts to a fun press conference playing up the theme of this year about a mysterious yeti that’s stealing anime and manga packages before they can get to fans.

While we miss the penguins this year, the yet is definitely a menace.

“We’re working harder than ever to get your anime and manga orders shipped out fast during our Capture the Savings holiday sale, but a mysterious creature is lurking out there, and he wants to stop us. Watch this special report from Anime World News to find out more details about what’s threatening to disrupt the holiday season, and what you can do to help!”