Magica Wars Episode #24 Anime Review

Magica Wars Episode #24 Anime Review

Magica Wars Episode 24

The tainted magical girl makes her mark.

What They Say:
In every decade or hundreds of years, the dragon moves its body as if it tosses about unconsciously. The movement becomes the distortion and causes impurity. This “impurity” lavishes an evil on people. And now, there is a huge indication of a distortion. Gods foresaw the greatest harm would happen to Japan, divide own power and give it off as a messenger of God (“Shinshi”) in Japan to gather mediums, or “Magica” who can expel the “impurity”. With the magical weapon the power of Gods, “Magica” will fight to stop evils in Japan.”

The Review:
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With some fun and well choreographed stories in previous episodes, the series takes us to a new place where we see our lead character of Rei for the arc engage in battle as she’s likely done before. Unfortunately, in her attempts to deal with the evil that’s out there, she ended up with some collateral damage that hurt civilians. And that instance has in turn tainted her with how she’s handled things over the years, causing her familiar Libby to turn with her. All of that leads us back into the present as we see her going up against Konoe, showing us how she went from a good magical girl to what she is now. A little back story is welcome and it’s nicely handled here to nudge events forward overall while reminding of the dangers of being a magical girl.

In Summary:
Magica Wars continues to pack a lot of things into a four minute run time and this episode is no exception. A little history lesson, some good action and solid use of both Azuki and Konoe in the present in going up against Rei hits all the right marks. There’s a good sense of danger with what’s going on here as a tainted and corrupt magical girl could be far more dangerous than the creatures we’ve seen faced so far. The tension’s rising nicely, though there’s downside that it’s all getting resolved in the next episode for this arc.

Grade: B-

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