Marvel Reveals ‘Secret Wars’ Battleworld

Marvel Reveals ‘Secret Wars’ Battleworld Marvel Comics has spent the last few weeks providing new key visual images to a variety of big events its run over the years, going back to the original Secret Wars series. All of that has started to come together today with the unveiling of the Secret Wars battleworld video, which shows a map of a world where these various events are all localized in some form. Similar to how in the original series from the 1980′s where the Beyonder forged different pieces of planets from across the galaxy together and had heroes and villains fight, this one looks to be manipulating similar things.

The video doesn’t fill every slot that they’ve put out there on it, though it’s amusing to see that Planet Hulk and Age of Apocalypse have the largest areas of land to work with so far.

The series is planned for a May 2015 launch with Jonathan Hickman writing and Esad Ribic on art while Alex Ross will be providing some gorgeous covers.